Fast2Fab™ is FAST AND FAB: Great for Quick AND Creative Scrapbooking Projects

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Our family was super lucky that we DID get to enjoy a week-long, OUT-OF-TOWN VACAY smack in the middle of this pandemic!!! 

We planned a joint trip with our special (like family) next-door neighbors back in February.  It started as a CRUISE. However, we later decided that a CRUISE and the likelihood of getting stuck indefinitely on a SHIP did not appeal to us. 

Next, CANCUN looked appealing… until the borders got closed! So, our lovely travel agent, Chandra Nims-Brown, continued to work to find us a dream vacay. Next, it was Turks & Caicos. Nope. Then, it was Aruba. Nope, again. We were about to give up and settle for a staycation not far from home until Chondra announced (just 10 days from the day we had planned to leave for our vacation) that KEY WEST (which had been totally closed down during the pandemic to any tourists at all) was opening the week we wanted to go! Our flights were immediately booked and we had a safe and uneventful flight 10 days later which landed RIGHT IN KEY WEST!  From the minute we stepped out of the plane, we were in PARADISE!   

We are happy, happy, happy to be together in KEY WEST! This was a celebration of both of my girls having their REAL jobs after graduation, and birthday celebrations for myself and my next-door neighbor, Chris.

As you can imagine, a trip like this, in the middle of this 2020 chaos, was even more appreciated than any other vacation of our lives!

I literally took HUNDREDS of photos! When we got home, I was so anxious to complete my scrapbook. Lucky me! A new product line was released, WHILE WE WERE ON THE TRIP, called “VITAMIN SEA”!

Save Time and Money with Creative Memories Fast2Fab Scrapbook Albums

Vitamin Sea was the PERFECT line since it was tropical-themed with everything one would ever need for a beach vacation scrapbook! It had designer prints, tone-on-tone papers (simpler matching papers), a variety mat pack, matching stickers, and laser border strips!

Fast2Fab™ pages are beautiful already! You have a springboard to begin your masterpiece, which saves you time and money.

In addition, Vitamin Sea had Fast2Fab™ pages. These were especially beautiful. If you have never seen them, Fast2Fab™ pages LOOK like they have been partially scrapbooked already! I have found that by using them, not only do I save TIME, but also MONEY.  

I save TIME because Fast2Fab™ pages already have a starting point

The pages are beautiful already, so adding extra creative touches that are exclusively ME, ME, ME is easy and fast to do!

I save MONEY because some of the borders and all of the background papers have already been chosen

All I have to do is embellish them, which is my favorite part!

Don’t Sacrifice Your Favorite Photos!

In addition to using Fast2Fab™ partially pre-decorated pages, I also used Peekaboo Pockets™ (see my more extensive blog on how to use these little wonders) and multi-pocket pages in order to speed me up, save time, money, and include as many photos as I wanted!

I wanted this album to be just ONE album but I didn’t want to exclude ANY photo or memory that I really wanted to remember! 

Peekaboo Pockets™ attach to the page protector so you can easily flip and see extra photos. Each pocket holds two pictures.

Peekaboo Pockets™

These lay on top of the page protectors and allow you to feature 2, 4, 6, or 8 more photos, for example in the same amount of space that ONE photo fits!!   At only $6 a pack for 10 pockets, these are a real TIME & MONEY saver.

Multi-Pocket Pages

Some people do an ENTIRE album with multi-pocket pages! These are slide-in style pages where you just slide the photos in the slots. These are a safe alternative to similar types we all had as kids! The 12×12 surface allows for 3 horizontal and 2 vertical photos on EACH SIDE, which means that you can VERY QUICKLY add 10 photos any time you want! The variety mat packs have beautiful title mats that fit perfectly in the slide-in spaces too. You would use them to add quick color or space to journal making this style of page so much more attractive than you could ever imagine!

Memorabilia Pockets

Memorabilia pockets come in all different sizes and are attached on the outside of your page protector to safely enclose all kinds of things you may want to save, permanently, but items that may be double-sided can be easily removed and then returned to its pocket later.

Another product that I used that some don’t know about is memorabilia pockets. I tend to use these more on vacation albums because I often come home with lots of memorabilia that I want to KEEP.

Sometimes memorabilia is double-sided or you may plan to be able to pull it out to show others at a later date. That is what is perfect about these.  They are small pockets, all different sizes, that you adhere to the OUTSIDE of your page protector. If you ever needed to remove that business card, ticket stub, girl scout badge, $2 bill, etc, you don’t even have to remove the page protector. Just open the sealed pocket and take it out! Likewise, you can PUT IT BACK!   

I encourage you to watch my video above as I flip through my completed album, which I am so stinking proud of, as I point out the products used as I go along. 

If YOU have a vacay coming up, you may want to employ these strategies using the Fast2Fab album style that calls to YOU.

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Thanks for reading.  I appreciate your loyal support. 


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