Scrapbook Page Layouts with “Seas, Please” Collection by Creative Memories

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I remember as a child I would wonder, “WHY in the HECK would anyone want to go to Alaska at ALL, much less on a VACATION?” Now, as an adult, my hubby and I dream of just that kind of trip! So you can imagine how I felt when I saw the new SEAS, Please line by Creative Memories.

I don’t know about you, but I am GUILTY of doing outings that I otherwise would NEVER have done, JUST BECAUSE IT HAD A COOL STICKER PACK TO GO WITH IT. But as a grown-up, I am MUCH more mature. I only do activities that I would want to do anyway if the sticker pack is super cool! So, Alaska just moved on up on my radar! Anyone else?

By the way, if you are choosing your activities to justify the purchase of amazing Creative Memories collections, it could be you need to consider becoming an advisor! – Ask me how today!

But, here’s the thing with “Seas, Please”: It is probably one of the most versatile collections we have! Though it was Alaska-inspired, I am so excited to show you the pages I made because I suspect you will see layouts that you can use for everyday life, including vacations to all kinds of places! And if you love cruising, it’s a MUST-HAVE for your scrapbooking collection!

For my blog followers, you may have noticed that I have been in a lull for blog posting. When I first started blogging, I wanted to use it as a way to not only offer great scrapbook layout ideas but to also open my heart about LIFE things that have impacted me in amazing ways, including my walk of faith with God and my savior Jesus Christ. However, what I’ve found is that I am not always hit in the head with that one amazing piece of wisdom I’m dying to share which also aligns with the theme of a new product collection.

My plan was to wait until my thoughts DID align which has delayed my sharing of the current product lines that you are likely most excited to see. I have decided to do MORE blog posts and to share my bits of wisdom that may or may not be related to the page spreads. I hope you continue to follow the blog and enjoy my posts. I do believe I have been blessed with a teaching spirit and so sometimes that teaching comes out as a scrapbook page and other times a story. Either way, I feel called to share!

So, speaking of a learning lesson – totally unrelated to Seas, Please – is a miracle that happened in my life that I am so grateful for. I have told many of my clients because it was such a God-thing, but I would like more people to know about God’s hand at work AND a practical non-Creative Memories product that everyone should have!

My oldest daughter, Zoe, lives in an area not far from Washington, DC. She is an emergency room nurse in that area. In November of 2022, I had the pleasure of hearing a lecture at one of our small group meetings in the Peninsula Women’s Network by author and specialist in personal defense, Becky Mosbrucker. In that meeting, I learned so much about how simply being PRESENT and ALERT in every situation can do to keep me safe. She shared about a product by Damsel in Defense which was a pepper spray that not only could incapacitate someone who means you harm but also leaves behind a BRIGHT NEON paint on the perpetrator’s face and body to help assist law enforcement to find the assailant. Being so close to Christmas, I gave these little sparkly, girly, pepper sprays to both of my daughters, my “like” daughters, my best friends, my mom-in-love, etc for their key chains. My girls were a little bit sarcastic about them as each person opened a gift. “Gee, wonder what THEY are getting…” I know in my heart, that they did not take this gesture with the same spirit that I gave them!

However, just TWO WEEKS later, as my daughter was leaving a TYPICALLY very busy location in broad daylight, she said that she felt her “antennas” go up. She said she didn’t SEE anyone but she FELT something was wrong. Seconds later, someone that reeked of alcohol grabbed her from behind around her midsection and began shaking her like a rag doll. Because of the way he was holding her, her hand that had her pepper spray was able to lift up so she sprayed over her shoulder. The man immediately fell to the ground in a heap with his bright yellow face, screaming he was sorry.

These are my sweet daughters. Zoe, my nurse, is on the left. They are on their way to see Taylor Swift!

I know that God sent my Zoe the sense that something was about to occur. He prepared her to react with his gift that he gave her years ago – the ability to think fast on her feet – which is a gift she uses to serve others in the emergency room. I believe God stirred in me the need to get those pepper sprays in order to keep my family safe. Instead of a tragedy, I am able to share this testimony of God’s protection and I am so grateful for that.

I loved how Becky, in her self-defense class, gave us the tip on BEING PRESENT and AWARE because, in this day and time, this generation is really seldom present even while eating dinner out with family, at parties for friends, church, wherever because we are so addicted to technology!

May this message today help you to be just a little MORE present for your family and friends in an effort to grow relationships but also to keep YOU safe. It is something I personally am striving to do better at, too. Let’s grow together!

Thanks so much for reading today and I hope you will enjoy the ideas below, for “Seas, Please” as much as I do.

Beckie Belote
Creative Memories Advisor

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I love how giving a half-inch margin around the perimeter makes it look.
Try using the scallop blade with your Creative Memories trimmer on water-related pages!

The white under this border is the BACK of one of the laser borders.
Try layering your laser borders for more impact.
I love foam squares for making a POP.
More Fast2Fab papers
Easy with Fast2Fab papers.
Super fast and easy technique! I taught this in my Tip Tuesday Youtube video. Check it out
Try the polar bear punch to make any color bears you want!
The border here was made using the Bow & Envelope maker which is a crazy cool tool but currently is available while supplies last. See the basic technique in this Youtube video.

2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Page Layouts with “Seas, Please” Collection by Creative Memories”

  1. Hey Beckie! I’m so glad you choose to share your faith in your social media platforms. I was inspired to begin the Bible Recap after watching your Tuesday Tips. It has made a great impact in how I read and study the Bible. I had read the Bible through a couple of times but not this in-depth. I had heard all the Bible stories but I have learned things I never knew. Anyway, thank you for turning me on to the study. Rachel

    • this makes my heart so happy. Yes, that book has simply changed my life. I am already mourning the fact that I should be through with it all in about 9 months and I don’t want it to end 😉 Thanks for sharing this Rachel. It means so much to make an impact in someone else’s life in more than just scrapbooking 😉


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