Sparks of Magic from Creative Memories™ is NOT just for Magical Vacations

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You only have to fan through the two paper packs from the Creative Memories™ Sparks of Magic line to realize that these paper packs fill a hole in the line that is much needed! Sure, you can get black, yellow, red, and soft blues in cardstock any old time but what if you want a little more flair? The artists and designers at Creative Memories™ are so good at bringing us the colors and designs that are trendsetting for what we are seeing in our current photos and I love that so much but sometimes I just want some good primary colors and Sparks of Magic is just PERFECT for this! It pairs PRIMARY with FLAIR and you will LOVE IT.

The minute I saw the fun colors in the Sparks of Magic papers, I immediately saw SPORTS pages (think of all the sports teams that use combinations of the colors black, yellow, red, and soft blue!), SCHOOL pages, picnics (the red and white dots and other red and white patterns scream picnic to me!), toddler and preschool-aged kiddo pages (You know, when they all of a sudden move from pastels to playing ball, chasing frogs, and making mud pies!), beach pages (I love the bright yellows and soft blues for this!), and so much more!

Sparks of Magic paper line pairs PRIMARY with FLAIR and you will LOVE IT

I couldn’t wait to open up this collection. I was so impressed with the versatility so I created quite a few pages using some of everything. Make sure you look at all your choices from the collection or grab the bundle if you don’t want to miss out on something! You will find not only two different paper packs but some of the most beautiful laser photo mats you have ever seen, a variety mat pack, a sticker pack, and embellishments that come not only with cute little die-cuts and journal boxes but also some epoxy jeweled dots that I love since I am a bling girl. Oh, and in addition to all of these little goodies, you will also see an album coverset and Fast2Fab™ pages for those of you that need to GET IT DONE FAST.

I used the Diamond Arches Border Punch on a couple of double-page spreads and I love how I added a little extra pop by threading a super-thin strip of contrasting color through the semi-circular holes in the border! Feel free to watch a quick demo on this fold-over page (at the top of this page), if you aren’t familiar with fold-over pages, our border punches, or our amazing 12-Inch Trimmer!

Some of the supplies you will want for this page are foam pads to POP some of the stickers and embellishments for a 3-D look, the embellishments, both the laser-cut mats (I used a black one on the bottom of the right side) and the variety mat pack (I cut the supercut journal block that looks like a notebook page out of the middle of one of the mats. Its leftover scrap makes another frame for a photo that you can see on the top right. I love how the mats can be used TWICE. The striped mat with the large yellow flower-like embellishment on the left can be used as an embellishment as-is by adding some stickers in the middle of the flower OR plop a vertical 4×6 photo on top of it, OR I could have cut that middle out and saved that yellow embellishment for another time. Make sense?)

If you already are familiar with fold-over pages, our border punches, and our straight trimmer, this will help you quickly try this technique:

First, cut a border using your diamond arch border punch, and then score it at 1 1/4 inches. Then, cut a 1/8 inch strip using a contrasting color. Never cut a strip that small before? Well, you may recall that if you simply cover your gray mat strip completely, you will get a quarter-inch strip. All my fellow math nerds know that if you cut half of that, you get an eighth! Halfway is at your other cutting groove! My current groove that my blade cuts in is under the 2 in the diagram on the middle image above. My other groove, you can see well because I have been cutting in it previously! So, I am lining my paper not to the edge of the mat strip like we do often but instead to that other cutting groove. Yours may not have a groove in it like mine and that’s ok. If yours isn’t cut yet, it will have a black dashed line there that you can line up to. Once you have cut this very thin strip, thread it through like a needle and thread as pictured above in the third image.

I hope you will try that idea with the Sparks of Magic line or ANY line you are working with. You will LOVE IT.

This line just makes me smile. All of us have been living through REAL LIFE roller coaster rides of emotion, fear, and uncertainty for almost two years now. I love that life is starting to get back to normal and am ready for fun colors, family, friends, fellowship, and yes, some bumper cars, cotton candy, and popcorn might be nice, too. However, this line is DEFINITELY not just for magical vacays, but so much more. Below are some more looks you will like. Enjoy!

Thanks for continuing to read my blogs and for following and subscribing to my YouTube channel! You all really make me feel so special. I am grateful for God’s hand in steering me in directions that help YOU stay motivated in your album projects. Sometimes I feel like my videos are such shipwrecks but you all still watch so I’ll keep making them. Thank you so much again.

Blessings to you,

Beckie Belote, Creative Memories Advisor

Page Layout Examples with Sparks of Magic by Creative Memories™

Feel free to use these ideas for your own scrapbook!

I made the cute little border on the left by using the Botanical Burst Recipe Template. Also, the “Life is Better With You” embellishment is from the Must Have Laser Title Embellishments Pack 2. Remember, your WHITE embellishments can be COLORED to match your page which is what I did on this one. I also added a laser mat in black on the left side, some epoxy bling on the right border, and stacked some stickers/ embellishments in a cluster for great visual appeal.

The border across the top was created with the Botanical Burst Recipe Template and one of the three Piece by Piece punches to create the flowers.

Again, on the circular mat on the left, I used my trimmer with a perforating blade to cut lines for straight journaling.

The super gorgeous flower in the middle was created using the botanical burst recipe template. AND I LOVE THE LASER MAT on the left. TOO CUTE!

I decided to put this border across the middle instead of across the top or along the sides for a different look altogether. Also, I did the trick, again, where I cut out the middle of a mat ( it’s middle is used as an embellishment on top of the small yellow mat at the top right) to get two looks from one mat.

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