Think Out of the Box with Natural Disposition Laser Cut Photo Mats

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Sometimes a scrapbooking product comes out that you LOVE SO MUCH at surface value that you forget to think a little bit more about it to see what else you can do with it. That is exactly what happened to me when first introduced to this robust line that Creative Memories released late fall of 2020 called Natural Disposition. The colors were so warm and tranquil and it was difficult to make a BAD combination of colors because they all went so well together! The collection had two packs of mats. One pack was just our traditional photo mats that we expect with every line. They were just perfect but THEN, a new surprise, was the incredibly ornate laser cut photo mats. These were just so gorgeous, just the way they were. I tended to use them on pages over and over to make super quick layouts. After all, when you have something that is THAT eye-catching, you don’t have to spend too much time on elaborate borders to spice it up. This morning, however, I was working on some pages from a newer line, Spring Cottage, and was looking for the perfect embellishment and it popped in my head that the fancy mats from Natural Disposition just may match. That is when it occurred to me that perhaps I had underestimated the versatility of this all-star pack of mats! Read on to see some different techniques you can do with them if you haven’t done so already!

I experimented with using the cutting system to quickly cut holes in the middle of some of the mats and then put the photo BEHIND the mat instead of on top for a different visual appeal. The oversized mats have a lot of wiggle room for experimenting this way. Once the hole is cut out, you have an extra mat that you can use somewhere else. I love getting two mats out of one!

Use the Creative Memories Cutting system with different patterns to cut holes to place your photo BEHIND the mat instead of on top for a new look.

I also realized that splitting the mat in half and using the halves on facing pages makes perfect landing pads for embellishment groupings in a super eye-catching way.

splitting the mat in half and placing on facing pages make for a great look!

If you are like me, you used Natural Disposition on your pages back in the fall! If you already used all of your goodies then, perhaps grab a new pack of these laser cut mats and try incorporating them in your Spring Cottage, Staycation, Boho, and likely even the new Homestead line just released. The colors in the Natural Disposition mats are relatively neutral and I think we can be using them on all kinds of pages with the new lines. If you never tried the Natural Disposition line, you SHOULD! It is just so pretty. I feel this line can be used all year round.

Thanks so much for reading. If you haven’t already watched my video above, what are you waiting for? 😉 Also, I have included my page spreads below for you to copy if you would like!

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Beckie Belote

Shop for the Natural Disposition line at:

Natural Disposition line using paper, regular and laser cut mats, and circle created with the dotted leaf circle punch.

Used both styles of Natural Disposition mats, paper and embellishments. Note: the “My Happy Place” mat can be an embellishment or pop a photo on it if you want it to be a photo mat.

This is actually Spring Cottage paper, stickers and mats with the one Natural Disposition Mat split in half.

Natural Disposition line using mats, stickers and embellishments. The border was made with the diamond arch border punch.

Natural Disposition paper, regular mats, stickers and embellishments. Border was made with the Bridge Border maker cartridge.

Natural Disposition paper, mats, embellishments and stickers. Border created with the dotted leaf circle punch.

Used Natural Disposition paper, both types of mats, and embellishments. In addition, I made the border with the diamond arch border punch.

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