Finish 2020 Strong with LOVE EACH OTHER 2

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If you are like me, you may be COUNTING DOWN a little more furiously this year than usual as the clock ticks toward midnight and our calendars flip to 2021! But today, my Pilates Instructor at Club Pilates, Sharon Thomas, mentioned something and it got me thinking. She said, basically, that instead of counting down, we should be counting our blessings.

Since many of you that know me well, know me to be way too positive most of the time (sorry, I know this gets on the nerves of my family!), I stopped for a minute to think about 2020 and have to admit that despite some change in routines, things for me have been GOOD. In fact, BETTER than good. I know that some have seen financial disaster, loss of loved ones, illness, loneliness, depression, and more but for ME, and my family, our life has been really good. I have been playing along with all the negativity and sharing the scary stories and wishing for 2020 to end like everyone else and I have not ONE thing to be ungrateful about. How about you?

This is not some virus that is just attacking our small community but instead has no boundaries and yet, somehow, despite negative news stories, illness, overcrowded hospitals, political division, and other types of unrest, in the grand scheme of things… WE ARE OK!

Who knew how much could change OVER NIGHT!!
I love representing a company that realizes the value of gratitude in our daily lives.

Whether this year has been just a year of inconvenience for you or a year of calamity, What are YOU grateful for? No matter how we look at it, this year is one that certainly will be in the history books! Will it be in YOUR family history book? We have learned SOOOO much, haven’t we? Who knew so much could change overnight! SHARE IT! When Creative Memories came out with the LOVE EACH OTHER theme pack early in 2020 to help us tell our stories of the great toilet paper shortage, and new normals with cleanliness and masks, THEY HAD NO IDEA that they would need a SECOND ONE to finish the year! It is a product line that sells for just $10 and includes not just paper and stickers but also journal cards/embellishments for you to talk about your blessings and what you are grateful for! I love representing a company that realizes how important gratitude is for living a great life.

Let’s all finish 2020 with hearts full of gratitude, minds full of positive thoughts, and make sure that as we leap into 2021, we do more to HELP OTHERS that seem to have been dealt more than their fair share of YUCK in 2020. Send more cards. Say more prayers. Be a listening ear. And LOVE EACH OTHER 2!

Blessings to you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Beckie Belote

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  1. Thanks for your help and guidance Beckie. I’m so glad I found you this year and continue to look forward to your videos. Hopefully this year I can actually attend one of your zoom classes


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