Journaling about your Vacation for a Better Scrapbook

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Jotting notes during your vacation helps to capture precious details and makes creating your scrapbook a breeze!

Some of my happiest memories are of vacations. Some people are lucky enough to take a nice vacation EVERY year. Others save and plan for a couple of years or more for their great escape from home for relaxation, fun, and family time.

One way to make vacation memories last is by taking some amazing pictures.

Pair your photos with written stories and your investment on that trip will last a lifetime!

Why Journal About Your Vacation?

You won’t remember as much about your vacation as you think you will.

It’s easy to think that I will never forget that buttery, Ritz cracker crumbled, lobster casserole that we got at Rick’s in Maine. Certainly, I could never forget the pontoon boat ride in Long Lake on a boat in need of a new propeller. It traveled at a snail’s pace! Everyone was picking on our friend Chris because the boat was so slow. All I was thinking was how relaxing it was, how beautiful that lake was with the mountainous backdrop, and how it was so HUGE. I was thinking, “How in the world could this lake be just a LAKE?” I certainly would always remember how pleasant it was to be able to HEAR the conversation going on because the boat’s motor was not so overpowering. And the sound of the loons. Would I remember to tell about the almost eerie, lonesome sound a solo loon made at dusk after we returned from dinner one night? The reason I am able to share the details on my trip to Maine now is because I am writing this blog while STILL IN THE CAR on the way home. The truth is, the colorful details from vacation trips like these will bring my scrapbook to LIFE, now and for many years. Pictures can only communicate so much. I will be disappointed in my pictures. I am not a professional photographer, but even if I were, I am quite confident that there is no photograph that could possibly capture the majesty that I witnessed on that lake.

Beckie Belote Creative Memories on Vacation in Maine
Beckie on vacation in Maine, 2020

Writing Captures What Photos Can’t

The memories that will often be lost are the ones that were never photographed in the first place. For instance, on my first full day on our recent Maine trip, I was going to take this most amazing picture of all of us on the Pontoon boat. I was using my selfie stick because I wanted ALL of us in the picture. I also wanted it to show we were on the pontoon boat with the lake between us and the beautiful log cabin that we were staying in, which belonged to our friends. I was getting the phone all set up with my selfie stick reaching a bit too far. So far, in fact, that it was unsteady. What I remember now is my stick, in slow motion, tilting to the right side of the boat, striking the boat’s side, jarring the phone out of the stick’s cradle and straight into the lake! Chris rescued the phone for me by jumping in, but after a few minutes out of the water, it was clear that my phone would not be taking any more pictures of our trip! I am grateful that I had my good friend and kindred scrapper, Holly, with me on the trip to capture some other pictures for me; and thank goodness for my still-vivid memories to communicate these details about the selfie photo never taken!

You are probably thinking, “I’m lucky to get my scrapbook done at all, much less communicate all of those details!” But, stay with me. What I’m about to tell you will help the creation of your album QUICKER, not slower! It will definitely make the scrapbook more meaningful for you and your family.

Tips to Create an Amazing Vacation Scrapbook with Ease!

Journaling your vacation doesn’t have to be hard! Try these tips.

Tip #1: Create Journal Boxes Using Cardstock BEFORE Your Trip

Scrapbook journal boxes made from cardstock.

One strategy I have used with much success is to pre-cut lots of 3×4 inch pieces of white or beige cardstock. Then, I perforate them at ½ inch increments. You can do some that are “lined” vertically and some horizontally. (Note: check out our 12 in trimmer and perforating blade option.) If you tend to journal lots of details, you may want to make some assorted sizes of journal boxes, including some that are larger. Grab a nice pen that will last (see our pens) and tuck the journal boxes in your purse!

Use a paper trimmer with a perforating blade.

Tip #2: Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute Before Vacation

If you’re like me, right before you leave for a vacation, you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off! So, yep, sure thing! I am going to sit down and cut up some paper in my “free” time! (You are right if you are sensing the sarcasm.) If I wait to do it, I will definitely not have any pre-cut paper! I suggest not waiting for your next vacay to start this tradition of journaling on your trip. Instead, when you are scrapbooking at just any old time, when your creativity shuts down and you are needing a break, just cut your journal boxes THEN. SAVE THEM UP. This is a mindless activity. After you make, say, a dozen of them, I suspect your mind will have rested and will now be ready to scrapbook some more!

Tip #3: Journal the Details of your Trip, WHILE You’re on the Trip

Sometimes a vacation is “GO, GO, GO” and I have hardly any time to catch my breath. Other times, there IS some great downtime during which I am able to ponder the day; for example, after a full day in the sun, sitting on the balcony or around the pool before dinner, or, first thing in the morning, just before everyone is up and moving. Grab an afternoon glass of wine or your morning coffee. Then, take a deep breath, and just WRITE. Make sure you put dates on your journal boxes as you go along. The memories will flow NOW, but if you wait even a few weeks later you will be scratching your head about where you were, which day was which, and the precious details will be lost.

If you didn’t have time to create your journal boxes before vacation, you could do what I am doing now and simply jot down a few notes to yourself on your laptop, send your self some daily texts, or pick up a journal at the Dollar Tree!

Putting Your Vacation Scrapbook Album Together Will Be A Breeze!

What I like most about MAKING the time to create these journal boxes PRIOR to your vacation is that you are actually doing the MOST DIFFICULT task FIRST! When you get your photos, it will be so easy to put them in order because you have dated, journaled text boxes ready to go into the album!

Need help with organizing your pictures? Check out Creative Memories photo printing options. Our photos come back with not only the date but the time your picture was taken!

Journal Your Next Vacation

I challenge you to try journaling on your next getaway. I have found that this greatly decreases writing stress. One of the reasons people stress about writing is that they don’t know what to say. That’s because the longer you wait, the less you can remember! Another stressor is the fear of making an error while writing. How freeing is it that you can write, make a mistake, and just TOSS the journal box and try again? (Or put a line through your mistake and KEEP ON WRITING, as I do!)

Despite COVID-19, may everyone have the opportunity to have even a short getaway soon. We certainly need it, right? When you do, remember to jot down your stories as you go.😉 ENJOY!

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