Keeping the Faith in Your Family Scrapbooks

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One of my FAVORITE albums I have ever made was one of the simplest. Looking at it now, I am almost embarrassed by how simple it was.

I created my first Faithbook just using photos, very basic decoration along with some favorite scriptures.

There is NOT ONE scrapbooker out there that would “ooooh” and “ahhhh” about that little 7×7 album that I made so many years ago. Yet, it is one that, even now, I will pull out to bring me joy, consolation, inspiration, or peace, just when I need it. Back then, we called these little books FAITHBOOKS; A book of simple photos along with favorite scriptures. I remember when I made mine, I even used those “extra” photos that didn’t make the cut in our family albums! I added very little decoration, and so, to some of you, I would suspect that you would think it was a boring little album, but to me, it’s my best work of heart.

Scripture is sort of like music. Take a slide show of favorite photos and add a motivational song and it will bring tears to my eyes every single time. Can you relate? It’s the same thing with favorite scriptures. The magic about a scripture is that almost ANY photo can be paired with it. How awesome is that?!

I was motivated to share with you about this quick-to-make type of album by the recent release of a Christian scrapbooking line by Creative Memories called “Keep the Faith”. It is a beautiful line with serene, inviting colors with, yes, many of my favorite scriptures already printed up BEAUTIFULLY on photo mats and embellishments. I grabbed one of our 8×8 set of pages and went to work on creating a new, more updated look – and WOW. It is just gorgeous. I knew that THIS one would get some ooohs and ahhs and I thought some of you may just want to duplicate it. I am often reminded of Psalm 145 which says, “Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts…” and it is in this spirit that I share this concept! I am often reminded of the little miracles that occur in my life. Some may call it luck. But, not me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God hears me when I pray and that there is nothing lucky about his mighty acts in my life. It is my goal as a mom to make sure my children are aware of the power of prayer and that that they can pray with true expectation that their prayer is heard and will be answered right away, or sometimes when they least expect it, or in a way that was not anticipated.

I love how several of the photo mats have scripture on themwhich helps make this fast.

My girls are grown and are just venturing out into their adult lives. I want MY favorite scriptures to be THEIRS. It is definitely the biggest and boldest and most amazing thing that I can hand down to them. I created this new book without photos, at first, just to see how fast I could make it and then last week, at a card class with some of my most special scrapbookers, I showed it off. They LOVED IT. When Connie Barlow asked, “Now, Beckie, what are you going to do with this album?” I hadn’t put much thought into it! I often make demo pieces to share and figured this would be one of them! But, instead, I was inspired and went ahead and added a few photos and it will be the perfect wedding gift for my youngest daughter and her fiance! (Shhhh. Don’t tell her!) Now, I need to get to work on my second one for my other special baby.

What about you? Who could you bless with one of these little albums?

Here are some suggestions of what you may include in addition to your photos and in addition to the scripture cards & embellishments:

– Add more of a personal touch by adding your own take on a scripture.

The Keep the Faith line makes this so easy. The mat and layered embellishment really helps this page pop.

– Include some favorite family prayers or family traditions that involve your walk of faith

– Share those little miracles… those brushes of angel wings that you know are there in your deepest times of need. The unexplained nudges that pop in your head just at the most appropriate time that change your life in some amazing way.

How cool would it be to finally put these thoughts down in writing and share them with the most important people in your life?

I’ve included a video with some simple scrapbooking suggestions that will help you make this project super-quick. In fact, the same tips will help you to create ANY 8×8 album project quickly.

Feel free to steal any of my ideas to create your own. If you would love to finish this book or any scrapbook alongside others in person or via ZOOM, feel free to reach out to me! If you feel a calling to help OTHERS to create meaningful scrapbooks for their families and make a little money at the same time, I can help with that, too.

share a favorite prayer, interpretation of a Bible verse, or a personal story of what God has done in your life!

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Easter! Blessings to you!

Beckie Belote

You can find the Keep the Faith line in my Creative Memories Online Store:

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  1. I love the Faith collection! I really appreciated your tips on making a quick 8×8 album. I’m working on one now for my grandson’s graduation and needed some fresh ideas!!


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