Let Freedom Ring- Fourth of July Scrapbook Ideas

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Who is excited about a day off on Monday??? UGGGH. I said it and I know that many are working over the holiday serving their communities but HOPEFULLY everyone has SOME snippets of free time and hopefully some vacays to enjoy this holiday weekend! And thanks IN ADVANCE, to those of you that ARE working this weekend!!

So, What do YOU think about when you think of Fourth of July? For me, it is kind of nostalgic.

I immediately think back to when I was a kid. My daddy, was just a big kid himself and LOVED shooting off fireworks in our very big backyard! He would get the biggest and best fireworks he could. He loved it when hoards of neighbors, including “neighbors” that we didn’t know, from who knows where, gathered on the hill in our yard to experience the sights and sounds of the spectacular firework display. I remember he got my brothers involved in lighting many of them, at one time, for the grand finale and how proud I was that this was in MY YARD. (And if I must be honest, a little worried that something would happen to my dad or my brothers in their shenanigans!)

When my parents got older, they moved to another home that fireworks were frowned upon due to the marshlands behind their house but his big kid, still ever yearning to get out, had now become even more ambitious and decided it was a GREAT idea to go shoot off his fireworks on the YORKTOWN BATTLEFIELD. I was grown then, and on a family vacation so I missed this spectacle, gratefully, since my dad(and perhaps even my brothers??) were ARRESTED for shooting fireworks on federal property!! This will always make me smile. He was kind of a stinker sometimes! I miss him dearly though. I wonder if there are fireworks in heaven? If so, I suspect God would put my dad in charge!!!

I also always think about the film Independence Day. It was a Sci-Fi that came out in 1996 starring Will Smith who I thought was ever so handsome back then ( ha, who am I kidding, I still think he is handsome despite the fact he was a bit of a stinker, himself, recently!! ) If you recall, Independence Day was a film about aliens coming to overtake our planet and how in the knick of time, Will Smith and armies around the world, defeated them. It was an edge of your seat type of film that left you full of pride for our military and our country.

A great text bpx that shows LOVE and Patriotism at the same time using the Creative Memories Gemstone patterns with our cutting system.
Cutting a journal box using the heart pattern in our Gemstone collection from our cutting system is a great way to SCREAM Patriotism and LOVE at the same time

Now as an adult, with children of my own, I think more and more about how blessed we are to live in a country that has so many freedoms. YES, I am often so frustrated with how things have changed from when I was a young adult but no matter how frustrated I get, I am still so proud to be an American and will continue to pray for healing for things that seem a bit out of whack now and again. I also will continue to say prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings and especially for things that have changed for the BETTER!

What a great opportunity for us, the SCRAPBOOKERS, the HISTORIANS of TODAY, to get down in WRITING, along with our cook out, boating, picnic, hiking, dinner out, pool side, and FIREWORKS photos from this weekend, some things that dig a little deeper in our hearts to make our scrapbook pages even more meaningful like:

-what freedoms do you value most?

-If you are old enough to remember how our freedoms have changed over time, SHARE THAT!

-do you have someone that is serving in our military or served at one time? What a great way to honor them.

-what is YOUR special memory from growing up! It’s ok if it doesn’t go with your current photos!! Tell YOUR unique stories from fourth of July’s past!!

Handmaking your own journal boxes give you the opportunity to give yourself as much room as needed for your story. This creative look will fill your need for creativity with enough space to put your heart message. WRITE SMALL and fill several lines of text on each of the little white rectangle journal spaces.

If you follow me on youtube, you know that I love making simple but out of the box scrapbook page layout ideas but you often don’t see how important it is to me to capture the STORIES that go along with those photos. I suspect you enjoyed my story about my daddy and I know YOU all have those stories too. We tell them so often but sometimes don’t write them down. When you are pondering what to say on one of your scrapbook pages, always think about what is in your heart and it will come out beautifully!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend and I hope these scrapbook pages, using the Stars and Spirit Paper pack and stickers will be an inspiration! (Also GREAT for Memorial Day, Armed Forces events as well as Fire Fighters stuff, Flag Day celerations, and more)

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Thanks for reading.

I am grateful for the words that sometimes come to mind and give God the glory for those words and any talents that I have been gifted with.

Blessings to you, and HAPPY 4th of July!

Beckie Belote

“You Lived it! Let’s Capture & Celebrate it!”

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This border is deceiving since it appears I have cut three different strips when really I only cut ONE strip. I started with my decorative trimmer and cut a wavy cut across the top of a piece of paper. Then I put the paper in a different way and did it again on the other side to create , likely about a 3 inch strip with waves on both horizontal sides. Then I simply SCORED both horizontal sides and folded back the wavy parts.

This is one of my “formulas” that my clients love to use with busier prints. Works especially nice with our papers that look more like photographs but tend to be so pretty, you hate to put photos on them! Take your papers that are like this and cut, two 2in strips ( 2×12) and then with the remaining piece of paper, cut it in half vertically, to create two 4×12 in strips. This uses up all of the paper without waste. Lay them down any way you like but as you see above, I can still see the flag print beautifully but I have room for plenty of everything else I want on the page without covering up the flag artwork.
I used the Creative Memories Flag Banner Border punch here. This punch is so perfect for Patriotic things, party things, and more. I used it to make the borders at the bottom but also used it as a punch on the mats above. I love how I popped the star sticker clusters on those.
I cut the multi-colored paper in half and then stacked them, and cut, with the Creative Memories 12 inch trimmer, a half inch border on the INSIDE of both pieces of paper at the same time to save time. Our trimmer has markings on it that makes this skilled trick a snap. See below for a how-to video.
This skill is the same skill as a showed above, but I used two 4 x 12 inch strips and still cut a half inch border around the perimenter of the shape. For this paper, I LOVED both sides so I simply flipped over the piece I cut off and filled back up the space. Tutorial This is also a formula and can be used with different width papers to do the same look over and over but looks differently because you can lay the rectangles vertically, horizontally and even at a diagonal. You can put them across the top, bottom, sides or even right in the middle like I have done here.
This is the same formula as above but I just tilt the flipped “guts” differently to get a totally different look. Tutorial
This layout used a border maker cartridge called double fan chain by Creative Memories. This is a fun punch and I have used it several different ways here. Tutorial

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