This Fun New Collection of Scrapbook Supplies is OUTTA THIS WORLD

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At first glance, the new Outta This World collection may scream “toddler!” to you. However, if you look closer, WOW, what a lovely line!

The stickers and page embellishments are themed for the trendy look right now with aliens and outer space. These will be ever-so-popular with babies, toddlers, tweens, and teens! But how about the person on a new life journey, whether literally or spiritually? I have a friend who calls herself “nerdy” that chose this line to celebrate her NEW life after a divorce.

I could see “Outta This World” being the line of choice for moms who are scrapbooking a child’s graduation, recital, or awards! It is just so perfect for recognizing any kind of achievement. Take away the stickers and embellishments and you have gorgeous, bright, and cheery paper that will take your breath away for your Spring and Summer pictures!

The Outta this World line features a designer paper pack, a variety mat pack, stickers, embellishments, and even an album coverset and Fast2Fab pages!

Also joining the Creative Memories line of scrapbooking supplies, alongside the Outta This World collection, is the geometric frame border punch, the Sunny Days Template, and the barbed wire border maker punch.

Today, I wanted to give you some good information and some outta-the-box ideas for the Geometric Frame Punch and some of these other new gadgets. The geometric punch is my new fave! It does soooo much.

The border punches created by Creative Memories give scrapbookers a super-quick and easy option for making amazing borders in SECONDS without messing up your cardstock! FRAME punches, like our newest addition to the line, The Geometric Frame Border Punch, give you more bang for your buck because not only does it do crazy-easy BORDERS, like ANY of our border punches, but it also easily creates FRAMES for your pictures. The word “frame” in the product’s title means you can go AROUND an object! So, to do each of these strategies is as easy as knowing where to line up your paper on the first punch.

If you simply want a border, then line up with one of the black lines in the white area of the punch, as shown. If you use the right black mark, the corner of your paper will slide in at that mark so that the rest of the paper that you are making the border with goes toward the other black mark. PUNCH, and then slide the paper to the right of the tool on the ruler that sticks out. You will see your cut pattern and now you can match it up with the blue pattern underneath to make a perfect punch for the next and subsequent punches.

If you are left-handed, it is likely you will feel more comfortable lining your paper up with the left black slash so that the corner goes in at that mark with the remainder of your paper that you will be making the border out of laying to the right of that mark. When you make your first punch, you will slide your paper out to the LEFT side to match up your pattern.

When doing a FRAME, however, you do not use either of those black slashes. Instead, you use one of the lines on the ruler part of the punch. There are two of these lines, one on each side and it doesn’t matter which one you use. Just remember that once you choose the corner to place on that line, that the rest of your paper goes toward the inside of the punch.

This layout was created by Holly Jones. Her 4×6 photo is framed by cutting a 6×8 pink piece of paper and using the geometric punch and then she cut an 8×10 piece of white paper and did it again. She liked accenting with black in between. Her letters are white San Serif.

You will definitely love how quick and easy these borders and frames add pizazz to your pages.

On this page to the left, I’ll use the geometric frame punch to make typical borders but then I lined up the cut humped edge at the 2.25-inch mark and cut it off straight with my straight trimmer. Next, I flipped OVER my punch and put the border back inside so that the open window on the back was filled completely with paper before I punched the opposite side. (Watch my video above if you’re unsure what I mean.)

After the first cut, you can flip it back over and finish the border like usual. After I completed two of these borders, I added the barbed-wire border pictured here using the new Barbed Wire Border Maker Punch. Hope you like this combination!

If you like the two-toned look of the borders above, then cut yourself some squares. They will need to be 1 and 7/16 inch squares. Sounds tricky but it’s not. 1 and 8/16 inch is really 1.5 inches so 1 and 7/16 in is just one tiny slash smaller! (Yes, I’m kinda a nerd myself.)

Put adhesive on the back of your border using the Repositionable Tape Runner by Creative Memories, (my fave because it sticks to your paper in tiny microdots, so for borders like this that are mostly holes, it is PERFECT and fast!) and then your square can easily stick to the back!

The layout below was made by FRAMING around a 12-inch piece of paper and then cutting it in half to split between two pages. The white mat on the left was a 6×8 piece of paper, FRAMED, that will now be the home for a 4×6 photo. Remember that when framing, a 4×4 piece of paper is the smallest size that will get this look. After that, it will work with any EVEN size cut. For instance, 10×10 is fine, 12 x 4, 8×6, etc…. Rule of thumb: If you need a mat for a certain size photo, cut your mat 2 inches longer on BOTH dimensions before using the frame punch. If the photo has add dimensions, go up an extra inch both ways to make it even. For instance, if your photo is 3×5, you can’t do 5 x 7 (odd numbers), so make it 6×8. It will work like a charm.

For this next idea, I used the new Sunny Days Template. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this looks! And the word SMILE on the right side came from a new pack of embellishments called, MUST HAVE Laser Title Embellishments.

Thanks so much for reading. Our border punches are super-crazy-easy, however, they are NOT intuitive. Seeing it work is better than reading all of these directions. Don’t be frustrated, watch my video above and you will get it! In addition, you will see other tips and tricks using the geometric frame punch on the video. We come out with these punches regularly and they are very addictive.

You can purchase any of the products mentioned here from my online store.

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Blessings to you!

Beckie Belote

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