A Great Option for the BUSY MOM(or DAD) to WORK from HOME

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I just got back from our FIRST national convention, called Creative Minds, and I have to admit, I was inspired. I love my business so much and it was exciting to see many women together in the same room who love what they do as much as me; Some older, some younger, some with drastically different models of business , but all doing the same thing-

Sharing what they love with others, helping families with their precious photos, and in turn, making money at it!

fellow team mates opening one of the “gifts”
we all got for attending the conference.
At our convention, there were tons of training nuggets but also free time for fun.
Here, some of my fellow advisors enjoying the lovely Minneapolis scenery & summer
weather, on our way to dinner!

I am pretty vocal about the benefits of a direct sales business and you can even look back at some of my past blogs and see ones promoting this type of career. But today, I want to focus not on direct sales in general, but on what WE, at Creative Memories, have to offer. I am proud to represent a company that is a little bit on the edge. Our business plan is pretty different from others and after working plans with 3 other companies, I am convinced, that our owner, Caleb Hayhoe, really has it right!

Creative Memories U.S. President, Mark Lerud
and Owner, Creative Memories, International,
Caleb Hayhoe

I was blessed to be able to have some extra perks at our conference due to the support from my clients and the efforts of my team. One of those perks was to have a breakfast with other top performing ladies with our owner. Caleb shared about his past and about his entrpreneurial spirit that went back to when he was just a young boy! He shared about all the different businesses he started and subsequently, how they failed. I loved how with each failing attempt, he shared a learning lesson. It was the sum of all the failures and the learning lessons that brought him eventually TO US. Don’t get me wrong. Not all of his prior endeavers were failures. He is quite known internationally and don’t take my word for it, GOOGLE HIM. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of his sales force. I loved getting to know the man that decided he loved the mission behind what we offered, believed in our product line, and our sales force. In fact, Caleb creates albums himself.

One incentive for many of our top achievers was this River Boat Sunset Cruise. We were wined and dined and made to feel super special. Being a part of a company like ours BUILDS you UP in ways you never even knew you needed!

After one of Caleb’s first endeavers failed ( a screen printing T-Shirt biz), he learned that you have to always have a positive cash flow. He brought that reasoning to our company and runs a lean, mean, profitable machine! Our company has ZERO debt, has had an average 26% growth rate each year since 2019 despite the pandemic and has paid out 70 MILLION in commissions to our 20K advisors internationally! Can you imagine your boss giving you a 26% increase in salary per year? That is basically what is happening, on average, for many in our advisor sales force!! When chosing a direct sales industry, looking at the companies bottom line is something to always consider!

Here are other reasons why a direct sales start with Creative Memories is attractive!:

  • LOW ADVISOR COUNT: The majority of our advisors are on the East and West Coast with a band across Texas. That leaves TONS OF STATES that are GROSSLY under represented and in fact, if you go to our advisor search and type in your zip code, I’m curious if there is ANYONE AT ALL doing a business near you even in states like mine that DO have advisors! Here is how you can tell. If you put in your zip code on our advisor search, do any names come up? If so, do the names have faces? Do the names have a blue hyperlink underneath indicating that they even offer events? If not, your area is not being served well or at all most likely! It would be IDEAL if there were at least some in your area that ARE operating a biz because it’s nice to grab a cup of coffee and brainstorm with a fellow CM sister or borrow product from in a pinch but if there aren’t, no worries!! It could very well be that YOU could be the power house in YOUR STATE. Check it out now at : https://www.creativememories.com/advisor/search/ We are still considered GROUND FLOOR in the industry. Can you see someone telling you, ” you are successful because you got in at just the right time!!” ?
Team mate Mandee Shirley shows on our map where her business
is in Colorado.

  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND CAREER PLAN. Our career plan has 5 levels and I could write it down on a beverage napkin while having snacks at the local grille! No tricks. Not many rules even. No Parties required. No inventory required. Great payout on what you sell and what your team sells and you decide how and where and when you want to sell. No automatic shipments for you or your clients. No minimums that can create debt. After all, I may sell thousands during one month, and have a family emergency the next month. I am so pleased that our advisors can work their lives around their businesses and their fun around their work. Have some ideas who may like to buy from you? GOOD, you could be in business RIGHT NOW!

  • LOW START UP COST. I meet many that are horrified about starting a business. What if I fail? What if it’s not for me? What if no one wants to buy from me? At conference we had a keynote speaker that was super amazing. Check her out at michellepoler.com. One of the things she said was that when you are facing a fear, don’t say, “What’s the WORST thing that can happen!” but instead ask, ” What is the BEST thing that can happen!” With a $49 start up cost, (that you actually recoup with the $50 in freebies you will get), a FREE website to market your products and a zero inventory requirement, is it possible you have been afraid for nothing? Afraid because you don’t have all the facts?

  • NO BOUNDARIES within your country. So if you join in the United States and your Mom is in Alabama and your sister is in New Jersey, each of them can order from you and have the company ship the products directly to their door step while you’re on vacay with your family!
My girls and me on a trip to Dominican Republic. (hubby was probably at the swim up bar πŸ˜‰ I had one of my biggest sales weeks ever while on our trip. Just because I slow down, doesn’t mean my clients don’t need supplies so they can easily get what they need right on my website!

  • PAYCHECKS EVERY WEEK. No need to wait until the end of the month to see your profit on your own sales OR team sales. I get my paycheck EVERY WEEK. I love this because for me, I have bills to pay every week and I don’t want to lose sleep at night worrying that I may have a surprise vet bill(fresh on my mind since I had one today, sigh) or flat tire that could cause financial distress! My earnings are readily available in a timely fashion.
  • NO LEVELS THAT PREVENT BEING PAID ON YOUR TEAM; All the companies I have worked for before all had hoops to jump through to get paid on your team!! It was frustrating to watch fellow team mates work so hard and have to rely on the success of others underneath them or else, no promotion, and no paycheck! I am an affiliate for another company that I enjoy their products for the fun of it and just got a private message from my “sponsor” to PLEASE order $200 to help her achieve director status. It reminded me of former companies where that was the reality. My success or lack of , effected the success of others. I love that there is never a day that I feel pressure to PUSH my team where they are not ready to go. I got paid on my VERY first team mate even when I was at the lowest level in our career plan! (Just an FYI, my “sponsor” in the other company DID reach her goal, YAY πŸ™‚ and she didn’t make me feel like I HAD to help her! I was glad she let me know! I love my fellow direct sales sisters in all industries!!)
  • FUN. These days, there is so much negativity. Negativity in the news, at the office, even around the dinner table. I love it that I sell a consumable product that helps people to take their photos, and see them in a fun way, to re-live happy times, to celebrate milestones, and write love messages along with those photos to those that are most important in their lives. Whether I work with my clients in person or on zoom or just via my youtube channel, it is a PICK- ME -UP for not just ME but for THEM. Times spent with clients is a welcome distraction from not so happy things that I sometimes feel bombarded with. I love that what I do offers that escape for many.
Me and my bestie, Holly Jones, who also is my assistant, at a photo op we created for our Virginia Beach retreat just by grabbing things that I already had in the garage! The plants? They were already there in the foyer of the hotel where we set up, so we fit them in!

  • FRIENDS. I started my CM business to pay the bills but my most recent WHY is more than to make money. My closest friends that I know I can count on have been kindled through my business. Some local, some not, and all warm my heart.
A few of my long time clients and FRIENDS ! Frances Pelland, Bobbye Sinclair, Shirley Williamson, Lynn Lynes and Debra Brandt at a scrapbooking retreat .
  • SUPPORT. You can pick your upline. ( I recommend that you don’t just “sign up” but to reach out to your potential upline to see if their style of support will best support your needs) If after one year, you don’t feel like your needs are being met, unlike other companies where you are stuck with your upline forever, or others where you bond with someone only to have that person put you under someone else!!!, it is YOUR decision and YOUR decision ALONE as to who you want to partner with to grow your business!! I love this. Oh, and if you decide you need someone else to be your upline, your team comes too!! You won’t lose them!! Also, Don’t assume that “signing” up under someone local to you is your best and only option. Most of our most successful team builders are now savvy enough to train their teams via zoom team meetings and support groups as well as coaching calls so don’t settle if the one at your back door is not one you believe will support you the way you need. If you are already a fellow Cm sister and your upline isn’t working out, no need to jump ship right away. I like to always ask, ” have you SHARED with your upline what it is YOU NEED to feel supported?” Everyone learns to be a leader one step at a time. I think it’s unfair to expect your upline to be a mind reader. I do not treat everyone on my team the same because not everyone has the same needs based on the level of business they are running. If what USED to work for YOU is no longer working, simply let them know so they can make changes to accomodate your needs. If that doesn’t work, remember, you are NOT STUCK. Being an upline has perks AND responsibilities and if you are feeling not supported and appreciated, then it may be time to make a change. As much as we all love our sisterhood, it is important to remember BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.
My upline, Lisa B. Thurman, is located MANY STATES AWAY but I chose her after deciding her leadership, character, and personality style fit my needs.

  • Products: We have a wide array of products from organizational items, Tools, album coversets, pages and Craft supplies for traditional scrapbooking as well as safe, “slide in” style albums AND scrapbook style albums that have , well, already been SCRAPBOOKED just waiting for you to add your photos and stories. In addtion, we have a line for those that prefer digital scrapbooking AND we can even print your photos. The income stream potential from our products alone is amazing but many of our advisors also make money by offering classes, doing workshops(virtually or in person) , retreats , creating albums for others, and more. Plus, if you struggle with marketing, NO WORRIES. Graphics like the one below are made available by our home office to use to promote your biz anytime!

If this business is attractive to you and you could use another income stream doing something you love, don’t hesititate to reach out. What I can promise you is this. I will answer all of your questions and let you decide if this is for you. It’s ok either way. I want it to be a good fit for you too! “What is the BEST thing that can happen??” Open your mind and heart to all the possibilities!

Hope to hear from you. Simply message me at beckie@scrapbookwithbeckie.com and we can set up a time to chat….shoot, you can email me and you can be incognito πŸ˜‰ Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. It’s ok to say NO. If you love crafting and people and the flexibility to work when you can, this really can be for you πŸ™‚ It changed my life. I will never look back.

If you work with another CM advisor? I”m sure they would love to hear from you too!

OR, if you are just so kind to read to the end and you have NO INTEREST in having a biz with Creative Memories BUT there is something else you are dreaming of doing or being, REMEMBER, YOU WERE PERFECTLY MADE TO BE AND DO AMAZING THINGS! GOD WILL OPEN DOORS FOR YOU IF YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE SO GO FOR IT!

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you and am cheering for YOUR success too!

Blessings to you and your families.

Beckie Belote http://www.scrapbookwithbeckie.com

You lived it! Let’s Capture and Celebrate it!

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  1. Thank you so very much. 8 recently got into scrapbooking. I don’t know what I’m doing obviously. But I find myself at peace and I can do with it what my heart and mind desire. I’ll think about it. 8m a bit apprehensive but I am a very shy person and would like to learn more. Enjoy your Summer!!β˜€οΈand God bless! 😊


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