Celebrate Summer with Sweet Summer by Creative Memories

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Virginia is for SUMMER Lovers

I am a native-born Virginia girl and we have great summers here! I live on the Hampton Roads Peninsula, so we have water on THREE sides! We have lots of flowering plants and trees that take your breath away (and sometimes the allergens that go along with the flowering plants and trees may take your breath away, too!)

Most of my friends enjoy boating, the beach, and the pool in the summer months to beat our sometimes overwhelming humidity! We have gorgeous parks, mountains, and national landmarks. A stone’s throw from where I live is beautiful Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the Blue Ridge Mountains! Summer is one of those seasons in our area where you can imagine the Lord with his paintbrush. Not close by? COME VISIT!

This layout was crazy fast because I cut ONE sheet of paper in half and split it between the two pages for this double-page spread. Using my trimmer with the wavy blade, I cut a few mats and used one pre-decorated one from the mat pack and just ONE ornate embellishment from the GORGEOUS collection of embellishments to pull this page together in a snap.

Sweet Summer Scrapbook Collection

Sweet Summer by Creative Memories is a quite DELICIOUS palette of colors that is sure to meet your needs this summer for whatever YOU hold precious during the season. It includes double-sided papers, stickers, mats, embellishments, and even an album cover set and Fast2Fabβ„’ pre-decorated pages (sold together or separately). I have a collection of pages I made with the line that I hope you will steal and make your own.

Remember, DOUBLE-SIDED paper means that if ONE side doesn’t appeal to you, FLIP IT OVER. For instance, my midwestern friends may not have this beach view that this piece of paper above offers but FLIP it over for a rich emerald green color that would be great for matting OR, if you live in more arid climates, the soft palm prints and intertubes will work around your pool! I just love this about our papers. I love folding them to see both sides at the same time but also love having so many choices for my pages to make them perfect. It’s like getting two pieces of paper for one low price. πŸ˜‰

If you are reading this, chances are you are already following my YouTube channel. But, if not, I would love for you to do so. My specialty is quick pages that are eye-catching but not difficult. I do TIPS every Tuesday on YouTube. Search me out at Scrapbook with Beckie.

Thanks for reading. Take time to count your blessings EVERY DAY. May YOUR summer be relaxing and filled with family, friends, and joy. πŸ˜‰

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


Beckie Belote
Creative Memories Advisor
Southeastern Virginia
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Sweet Summer Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas

Here’s some inspiration for your summer vacation scrapbook album. Leave a comment below if you found this post valuable.

this page is so much easier than it looks. I simple cut matching water prints from two pieces of the water print (about 3 inches wide ) and cut the light purple print in half for the top. I used two of the laser borders that came in the embellishment pack on top of the water print to make it 3D and more life like. (one side of the water was white and the other aqua but I preferred the white cap look. I added one full mat from the mat pack with that sunshine embellishment, the sandcastle sticker , and some small iconic paper squares that I cut off from one of the peices of paper designed for just that :) The pretty polka dotted purple mat was another mat from the mat pack that I cut out the middle of to be used on another page.
Cut 3 inches of matching water paper for the base, and add two of the laser borders, white side up from the embellishment pack. Also, cut one of the purple printed papers in half for the tops.
For the purple polka-dotted mat, simply cut about 1/2 inch on the inside of every side to hollow it out for your photo, and also use the “guts” for another mat on another page.
This page was inspired by one of my fellow team mates, Bev.  I used one sheet of paper, front and back for alternating strip colors at the tops.   I did as Bev suggested and cut the strips off at about 2.75 inches after punching the holes at the top but you really could leave the strips as long as you want even strip it all the way down if you want that more busy look.  I like the accent way more.   The sticker borders that go under the embellished area came from the coordinating sticker pack.
This idea was inspired by one of my teammates. Bev is famous for using up scraps for her pages but since I never have the perfect scraps that bring my pages to life like I want, I used one piece of paper where I like both sides equally well and cut some 2×4 inch strips. Once you cut the strips, pick a punch or two and punch the tops. So here, since I used two punches, I thought through how many of each I wanted. With more intricate punches like both of the ones I used here, I would NOT PUNCH MORE THAN 2 at a time. For instance, with the Striped Umbrella punch, just punch one at a time. If I was using the duck punch or the lemon, you can do 3 or 4 if using our designer printed paper. But both of mine above are using punches that cut multiple layers and will not do as well with stacking to save time. I LOVED using these particular punches even if it took a bit more time because I couldn’t cut many at once! However, these choices allowed me to flip them over once I punched them out and put them back into the hole I just cut for a two-colored print on each strip (since both sides of the paper show) Plus, I had extra flowers that I didn’t need when I used the Mandevilla punch that I could use for embellishments on the page. Before I pulled the border together by using two of the border sticker strips that came in the coordinating sticker pack, I cut down the strips to about 2.75 inches each.
This idea is SUPER fast and easy but requires a couple of newer tools that you will want. We have a new circle cutter that is perfect for cutting circles fast and with amazing precison and another tool that can be used for oodles of things that was originally designed to only make bows and envelopes! See my Youtube video for EASY instructions on how to do this fast with these tools. https://youtube.com/live/zmNeOXLH8z0?feature=share
This idea is SUPER fast and easy but requires a couple of newer tools that you will want. We have a new circle cutter that is perfect for cutting circles fast and with remarkable precision and another tool that can be used for oodles of things that was originally designed only to make bows and envelopes! Both tools are crazily affordable so you may want to add them to your collection πŸ˜‰ See my Youtube video for EASY instructions on how to do this fast with these tools. The border at the top here is likely about 2 inches wide and was cut using the wave blade on our trimmer.
I absolutely love this page πŸ˜‰ See in more detail how it is done with a little bit of a variation that I like even better by taking a peak at this YouTube video. Take a look at how I cut a hole out of the mint green mat from the mat pack using the wave blade on the right and used the back side of that hole on the LEFT side of the page with the popsicle embellishment. I love how you can get so much bang for your buck out of our mat packs.
This fun page was done with one of our border maker cartridges called Sea Star. Simply use one piece of paper, and cut your border all the way around but DO NOT PUNCH the FIRST or the LAST punch on each side of each border so that the corners do not get punched. I used my new square punch for an accent color on the corners and the NOTCH tool from the bow and envelope maker to give the rounded corner. Our corner rounder would work too just not as prominent of the soft corner like this one. I popped a few starfish stickers on each corner to pull this all together. I used a RED paper here for the background paper to show you that if you want to mix it up and highlight the BRIGHT colors in this pack instead of the sorbet ones, you can easily do that to give a whole different look. Those yellow squares on the left? They aren’t supposed to be there πŸ˜‰ LOL. Not sure how I photographed the page and didn’t notice this.

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