Serene Waters by Creative Memories: A line to coordinate with your joyful and healthy life!

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I love this life I live. I say that with all honesty. Like many of you, I have my UP days but also I have plenty of times when my heart races because I am nervous, sad, worried, or frustrated but I am a believer in always thinking the best of everyone and everything and so I tend to always pull myself out of any kind of funk before it even gets started!

A Disney Incentive Trip that I earned for my family through Creative Memories

I remember being in Disney World, in July, EIGHTEEN years ago with my hubby and two girls. It was SWELTERING hot and humid. It was so miserable that we all looked like little wet rats. So, I put a big smile on my face, put my hands out to both sides, looked up to the sky, and said, “Wow, can’t you feel that breeze?” I remember my youngest, with a really perplexing look on her face, saying, “Mom, are you doing that thing that you do when you are trying to be positive?” That was the day that I realized that my positive thoughts and trust in God were being passed down to my children!

Beckie’s Tips for Finding Tranquility

Since most of my followers appear to be women, I would love to make an impact on as many of you out there as possible by sharing things that make life more tranquil for me! We are all BUSY and can’t afford to wear our bodies down! Here are some tips:

Get Your Rest

I have always said I get by with little sleep and well, I DO. However, there are consequences when you don’t get enough sleep like decreased concentration, weight gain, high blood pressure, and memory loss so if you find yourself less able to multi-task than you used to, perhaps you should turn in an hour earlier!

Blessed to have Holly in my life as the BEST assistant ever but especially for her friendship!

Spend your time with people that bring you joy

This is hard. Sometimes we work with people that aren’t joyful and can’t get away from them or it could be a family member that brings you down. However, during times you CAN choose, CHOOSE JOY.

Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water

I have turned many people onto the BLOOD TYPE DIET. This is NOT a diet to LOSE weight although you may. It is a diet to make your body HEALTHY, and often free of any kind of medications if you take it seriously. I know, I know. You will see that there is “supposedly” not a lot of “medical” support for it BUT, all I can say is, it has changed my life and for people that I have told to do it, they never go back to their old kind of eating because the health changes are so dramatic for the better. I even had a friend that went on it and her gastro doctor rolled her eyes about it. On her next visit, when problems she had experienced for a decade had completely gone away, the doctor asked the CLIENT for information on the diet!! There is an app you can put on your phone. Search for it. It is called Eat Right 4 Your Type. Or you could get the book. It is fascinating. If you are experiencing gas, bloating, diarrhea, indigestion, high blood pressure, frequent sinus infections, diabetes, migraines, joint pain, Crohn’s or other autoimmune issues, or even cancer, I highly recommend you give it a try. You will learn what foods you should and should not be eating based on your blood type. Some foods are THERAPEUTIC (like medicines) while others are toxic and if toxic, you are poisoning your body. Since some foods that are toxic for ME (a few of mine are coffee, avocado, potatoes, and wheat), may be therapeutic for YOU, it is best for you to look it up yourself! If you don’t know your blood type, you can order a blood type test on amazon and do it at home for super cheap!


Get moving. I used to hate exercise but now I love it. Find something that YOU love and DO it. If you have a Club Pilates near you, I suggest you take a free intro class!! It has helped me with flexibility, balance, memory, strength, and well, just makes me happy! I have taken almost 300 classes!! It is the one exercise that I just can’t get enough of! But exercise could be gardening or playing with the grandkids so make it fun and get moving.

Attend a Church

If you are not a churchgoer, perhaps find a church near you. If you go to church but it is drudgery, perhaps find another church! There is a church out there for everyone. I am not putting down good people that don’t attend church. I’m just saying that a great church will leave you feeling good and will help keep your focus on making yourself a little bit of a better human every week. I feel this time in history, we need people out there trying to be a little better, right? We all are a bit rotten, right? My mama used to always “make” us go to church when I was growing up and I remember her saying so clearly that God has given us so many blessings and so we can give up an hour each week for the Lord! If you are thinking, I don’t NEED a church to make me better, could it be a church needs YOU?

Choose Positive Thoughts

Don’t let your mind slip to the negative side. Train yourself to turn anything bad into something good. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for the good and for good things to come out of bad things. Make a list in your head or on paper every day of those things you are grateful for and Thank God in advance for the blessings that are coming your way!! Put a smile on even when you aren’t happy and watch your mood change!

Part of having a business with CM is making new friends not just as clients but also on your team. Here, I partnered with a special teammate, Melissa Fago, to pull off our first summer retreat in Williamsburg, VA and we had more than 30 guests attend.

Last but not least…

SCRAPBOOK with crazy, positive, fun people as much as you can!!!

It helps you lose your worries, make new friends, and is PROOF of God’s gifts in your life! Find an advisor near you! Just like church, you COULD do it alone, but why?

What tips do YOU have that make YOU more tranquil, healthy, and happy? Perhaps you can share a tip or two of your own with a favorite person in YOUR life!

I love the cattail and enameled “relax” laser phrase, the rolling sails sailboat border, and the blue heron to create a feeling of peace.

Serene Waters – A Tranquil Creative Memories Product Line

The perfect Creative Memories product line that pairs with tranquility and joy is SERENE WATERS! It is gorgeous and robust. It has two packs of paper, designer prints, and tone-on tones. It also has an exclusive coordinating vellum paper pack! The vellum is currently sold out so make sure you add this to your wish list for when it returns sometime in September 2022. If you like vellum, try our vellum adhesive. It is the best you will ever use. It is typically invisible beneath your vellum paper. If you happen to see it, once the vellum is down, simply rub or scratch the place where you see it until it disappears! It’s a tape refill so it will fit in any of our dispensers!

Do you know how to add something to your wish list? I add things to my wish list when I am LOW on something and don’t want to forget to get it on my next order! Simply click on the little heart below the item. Next time you order, go to your account tab at the top left of your page once signed in, and in the list, find MY WISH LIST. You can add ALL items on your wish list with one click if you want to!! (See my illustrations on this below)

In addition to papers, Serene Waters has so much more: Stickers, embellishments, laser borders (I recommend two packs of these for double-page spreads), and a variety mat pack! I can see so many uses for this line! Beach, Lake, or River getaways, baptisms, retreats, Spa days, boating, fishing trips, trips to the aquarium, Sea World, a day in the park, snorkeling, etc.

I hope that each of us will continue to focus on JOY and TRANQUILITY in 2022 and do more things that bring you and your family peace. Below are some great double-page spreads made with Serene Waters. I hope you will enjoy them.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you so much.

Blessings to you,

Beckie Belote

Sometimes, putting your border straight through the middle of your page is a nice deviation and has great visual appeal.
very easy technique. Check out my youtube video on this if you are unsure how I did it.
Learn how to make your own custom shape and size journal boxes by watching my tip on this from Youtube If you haven’t tried our vellum tape runner and you use vellum, give it a try. It’s the best one I have ever tried. after you stick your vellum strip down, if you see any signs of the adhesive showing through, simply burnish (or scratch the spot where the vellum is) until it totally disappears!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these!!! Do you have directions as far as size if we want to make one like this?? Did you use more than one paper pack for all these? I think I have 2 but might have to order more!! Thanks so much!!!

    • i made all of them using one pack of the designer and one pack of the tone on tone ! i do not have instructions but i had paper left over so treat them like a sketch and you will be ok. i typically build directly into an album or on cardstock so keep that in mind. glad you like them Barb !


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